Hurricane Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs can make wonderful family pets with the proper care. You will find that every website will say something different. On my ''Hedgehog Care'' I will explain about what I have found through my own research and experiences. You can contact me with any question or issues that I have not approached yet.

Please Take the time and research your new pet.
His health and well being depends on it.




Storage containers: These are cost effective and very easy to clean and keep sanitized. I use Rubbermaid 90 qt or larger clear bins from Wal-mart. These are used a lot in the hedgehog community. 
Wire Cages: If you are getting a wire cage, make sure it has a solid plastic bottom. I would go with the “My first Home - Large.

Accessories: Your hedgehog will need something to hide under. You can use either a Pet Igloo or a hand made hiding hat/pouch. Hedgehogs need plenty of exercise, so he/she will need a 12 inch wheel and some toys. Store bought wheels are cheaply made and are noisy. I highly recommend the Chumba Spool Wheels.  The Chumba Spool Wheel is very quiet and sturdy and hedgehogs love them. Plus are very easy to clean. They can be purchased online. I would also put a couple of solid (not vented) jingle balls (with bells) for them to play with. To keep your hedgehog from hibernating, you will need to keep the temperature between 74°F to 82°F. For information on where to get any of the above items please, email me.
Bedding: I have used both cage liners and kiln dried pine bedding. If you plan on using liners specifically made for hedgies, they will need to be washed every 2 days. However, between washing you will want to spot clean. To make it easier on you; I would have 3 or 4 extra liners on hand to switch them out as needed.

 If you are planning on using bedding, I would go with unscented low dust kiln dried pine shavings. You can find this at almost any pet store. You will need to clean and change bedding at least 1 to 2 times a week, but this may very on the hedgehog. Babies tend to be messier than adults. When shopping for bedding NEVER use Cedar. Cedar oils are toxic and can cause many problems including upper respiratory problems, urinary problems and in many cases, death.


We now offer Hedgehog cage setups!



 When your baby leaves here, she/he will be eating Purina One Kitten. I suggest the baby stay on the Kitten food until they are 4 months or are 350 grams, which ever comes first. Once the baby has reached this requirement, I would slowly start to change him/her over to adult food. My adults eat Purina One Indoor Advantage Adult cat food. I leave food in the cage at all times. They need fresh water daily. For treats you can feed LIVE mealworms, crickets and wax worms. Never feed dried insects. Also hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and unseasoned chicken is a great snack as well. You should not offer anything other than what is recommended (no chocolate or other sweets).

My babies are all drinking from water bottles. I HIGHLY recommend keeping them on water bottles once they leave here. I have had buyers bring babies home and switch them straight to a bowl and the baby just play in the water and not drink then gets dehydrated. If you want to use a bowl start off by using a bowl and a water bottle and make the transition slowly to be sure they are drinking from the bowl. When using a water bottle make sure its not Spring loaded and that the ball can move freely back and forth in the spout. Bottle needs to be set where the tip is eye level with the baby hedgehog and adjust as they grow. 



Hedgehogs will need to be bathed about every 2 to 4 weeks or when he/she looks dirty. Fill your sink with lukewarm water so your hedgehog can’t touch the bottom. Keep your hand under him/her to be sure he/she is safe. Use your other hand to pour water over the quills to get them wet. I put a small amount of Baby Aveeno Oatmeal on a tooth brush and brush down with the quills (never up). Try not to get water in your hedgies eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and clean the feet. When you’re done, place the hedgehog in a warm towel and snuggle until completely dry. This is a good time to bond with your baby. Hedgehogs will also need there nails trimmed regularly. Also using organic coconut oil is very good for hedgies skin. After a bath or if you feel his skin is dry you can apply the coconut oil and rub in. 


Socializing Your Baby

 You will need to scoop your hedgehog up from underneath and take him out of the cage. To help wake your hedgehog up, place him/her in your hand and tickle the top of his back until he opens up. While standing up, place him on your tummy face down to the floor and gently stroke his/her quills in an upward motion (toward your head, never against the quills) one hand at a time. This is usually really helpful for me. Your hedgehog will need to be held at least once a day for 45 minutes to an hour to ensure good temperament. The more you hold your hedgie, the more social he will be. Hoglets will go though quilling as a baby and up to 6 months. Quilling is when hedgehogs lose their baby quills and new, stronger, adult quills come through the skin. It isn't uncommon for your hedgehog to get grumpy off and on until he is completely though quilling. Hedgehogs that are quilling will have some quill loss. You will see a few here and there, but you shouldn't see any bald spots. If you look closely at his/her skin during this time, you can see quills coming though the skin. His/her back will be tender; this is what causes him/her to be huffier than normal. You will still need to give him/her plenty of holding time. Be sure to play with him/her gently, so that you don't irritate his skin. Bathing your hedgehog in lukewarm water can help with some of the discomfort.



I will keep updating as I get new information. so keep checking in.

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