Hurricane Hedgehogs



1: What is the difference between a male and female hedgehog? There are no temperament differences between a male and a female. One does not stink more then then other. Only thing different is the gender. Females do not go in heat and Males do not mark.

2: Should I get 2 so they have a play mate? Hedgehogs are solitaire animals and prefer to be alone. You should never put 2 males around each other because they will fight. You also shouldn’t put a male and female together unless you are ready to breed them. However, I do know that most females will accept a female roommate. There are a few females who will fight with another female because she prefers to be alone. In that case you will need to get a 2nd cage.  

Do you ship your hedgehogs? Yes, I ship to states where hedgehogs are legal. Hedgehogs are not legal in Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, 5 boroughs of New York City, and in Nebraska.

How are hedgehogs shipped? I ship hedgehogs via airplane. The airlines I go through is United Airways. I use a cat kennel and make them nice and cozy in there. They have some food in the crate just in case they want a snack. If something happens and the plane is late the airlines will feed and water them. The hedgehog will arrive at your airport and will be able to be picked up either at the cargo area or at baggage claim. It all depends on the airport.

5: When can we take our baby home? Babies wean between 6 to 8 weeks of age. I normally let them go around 7 weeks of age. There are some times when I do need to keep a baby longer because they just need more mommy time. Babies wean on their own time, not mine. J

6:  Why is my hedgehog foaming out the mouth? Hedgehogs will anoint when they have tasted something they like and then make a foam and lick it to their backs. Its really fun to watch and not harmful to the hedgehog.

7: Do hedgehogs bite? Anything with teeth can bite. Most hedgehogs rarely bite out of meanness. There is that very small percent that just do not like to be held and will bite because they want to be put down. That being said, there are ways to prevent a bite.

1)      Most hedgehogs will give a warning before they bite. If he starts to lick you anywhere on your skin more then once then you  will want to move him asap. He is licking because you have something on you that smells yummy and he may nip you to test it out. ;)

2)      Try not to switch your soaps often this includes, Shampoo, body washes, lotions and hand wash.

3)      After you are done eating be sure to wash your hands.

8: Are hedgehogs good pets for all ages? No, Kids under 4 are not good with hedgehogs. Although there are some exceptions to this rule.  If you have a mature 4 year old who is not scared easily then I would recommend getting an adult that is already social and an easy keeper.

9: Do they shoot their quills like porcupines? No, they do however shed quills while they are a baby and grow in new adult quills. The adult quills typically do not fall out.

10: Can I put a hold on a baby longer then 7 days without a deposit? No

11: What kind of food do you recommend feeding a hedgehog? Babies will be started on Purina Kitten Chow. It’s a hard cat food. Not soft! My adult hedgehogs are eating Purina One Chicken and rice hard adult cat food. NOTE: I do NOT recommend any of the "Specialty Hedgehog food" mixes you can buy from a pet store. 95% of them do not meet a hedgehogs nutritional requirements.

When do I need to take my hedgehog to the vet? Some reasons to take a hedgehog to the vet...

    1) Stopped eating 
    2) Stopped drinking
    3) Diarrhea or stool is changing colors
    4) Injuries
    5) Losing lots of quills or seeing bald spots
    6) Throwing up 
    7) Notice of lumps, bumps and anything abnormal 

You know your hedgehog better then anyone so if you feel he is not acting normal then you need to take him in. Better safe then sorry.

13: Does the price of the hedgehog include a cage? No, Full cage setups are an additional $105.00.

How long does a hedgehog live? Average 4 to 6 years but I have heard of some living as long as 10 years but this is very rare.

15: Can a hedgehog live outside in its cage? NO! Hedgehogs do not do well with extreme temperatures. They need to be inside.

16: What temperature should a hedgehog be kept in? 72 to 82 degrees

17: How much does a hedgehog cost? My hedgehogs can vary. Anywhere from $350.00 to $500.00 for babies. Adults, it just depends on the age and temperament. 

Will you meet half way or deliver to my home? Sorry, I do not meet buyers outside from my facility or deliver.

19: Can I ship my hedgehog if I live in Florida? No, I prefer not to ship at all but will only if you are not in Florida. 

Can an adult hedgehog bond with me? Yes, they can but it does take time. 

Can I tame an older grumpy hedgehog? It is possible yes.

22: What are the pros and cons in getting an older hedgehog? Getting a well socialized adult is better for younger kids. They have went thru their grumpy stages and the temperament they have will pretty much stick with them. So they make for an easy pet to hold.

23: I want 2 hedgehogs and I do not intend to breed. Can I get one of each gender? I will not sell a male and a female to the same household.  I will however sell 2 females or 2 males but not one of each. I do this to be sure there are no opps litters down the road. This will protect you and your hedgehogs from a sticky situation. Things happen and hedgehogs escape so you never know.

24: How much is the deposit and how do I get the money to you? The deposit is $50.00. You can send a Money order by mail or send a paypal payment.

25: Do you accept payments? Yes, but they will need to be paid in full by the day of pick up. Can be paid thru venmo or Zelle.

Are hedgehogs ok to be around other pets? Yes, but you should never leave a hedgehog unattended. More importantly when they are around another pet.

27: Do hedgehogs stink like ferrets? No, The hedgehog itself really doesn't have a smell. If you clean the hedgehogs cage every 5 days then you should not smell the cage either.

28: Can a Hedgehog be litter trained? Yes, We already start training babies to use a litter pan. We use compressed pine pellets as the litter. While they can be litter trained in a cage, they will not really use a litter pan if you let them outside of the cage. We use a litter pan that is 12 inches long, 9 inches wide and 2 inches tall. This is the size I recommend. Anything smaller and they seem to be less interested in using it. 

Do hedgehogs need vaccines? No they do not.

30: Can a hedgehog escape? Yes, So be sure to have a secure lid on the cage.

31: What does a hedgehog drink from? I HIGHLY recommend water bottles. Everyone has their preference. Water bowls get dirty fast and if you don't clean it a few times a day your hedgehog can pick up bacteria that could make him sick. I bleach my water bottles once a week. 

Can hedgehogs get Fleas? Yes They can. They can also get mites as well. This is very easy to treat. The BEST and safe way to treat them is to use Revolution KittenIts 1 drop per every 200 grams. So if your hedgehog is 400 grams, then he needs 2 drops.

33: Can a hedgehog give me salmonella? Any pet can carry salmonella. The hedgehog is no different. Anytime you hold your hedgehog be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after you have placed him back in his cage. 

Are hedgehogs quills Sharp? Yes, Their quills are like tooth picks. They typically don't puncture your skin but if they hit you just right it is possible.

35: How often do they go through quillings? It happens off and on til they are 6 months old. There is not set time frame they go thru it. It just happens.

36: Why does my hedgehog sleep all day? Hedgehogs are nocturnal. So they sleep during the day and play all night.

37: Do hedgehogs need a bath? Yes, but not often. Only when needed.

38: Can I take my hedgehog outside on a nice day? Yes, but watch closely. You don't want him eating anything that is outside. Could be harmful.

39: What insects do I feed my hedgie? Crickets, Medium mealworms, Madagascar cock roaches.
When you feed them any of the above make sure they are live and not freeze dried. Freeze dried is not good for them and can get be harmful.

What other snacks can my hedgehog have? Unseasoned chicken, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs are also good options. 

What if I have questions or concerns after I leave with my baby? You can call, text or email today tomorrow or even 6 or more years from now. I am always happy to help!

How long have you been a hedgehog breeder? I had my first litter in 2004. So there isn't really anything I haven't seen, heard or dealt with when it comes to hedgehogs. :)

What can I use for dry skin or skin irritations? I highly recommend Coconut oil. Place a little on your hand and just message it into his belly and quills. It also helps with quilling. They love it. 

How and when do I pay the remaining balance on my baby hedgehog? You will pay the remaining balance the day you pick your baby up. You can pay using Venmo, Zelle or cash at that time. I do not accept any other forms of payments. No Paypal or checks. 



 before buying from an unlicensed breeder.

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