Hurricane Hedgehogs

If you would like to inquire about an available hedgehog that is for sale, or would possibly be interested in getting one from a future hedgehog litter, please fill out our Adoption Application. If you are inquiring about a future hedgehog litter, I will add you to my hedgehog waiting list for the next available hedgehog baby. There maybe a few people in front of you on the hedgehog waiting list, but I will do my best to keep the list small. All of my baby hedgehogs range from $275.00 to $375.00 each (prices vary by coloring). Each baby hedgehog comes from a loving home and is guaranteed. All of my hedgehog babies are socialized often to ensure you get the best possible baby hedgehog.

Please note: Deposits are NOT refundable. No exceptions!
Do NOT place a deposit unless you are completely sure you are ready for a hedgehog. Ty

Colors are not guaranteed. The colors posted below are merely an 
educated estimate of final coloring.


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This is to place a deposit to make an appointment to pick out a baby in person.
Just remember the deposit does expire after 7 days after made. So book an appointment asap. 
Thank you :)


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ID: CF11
Sex: Female
DOB: 10/18/2019
Color: Grey with Blaze
Price: $225.00
Pick up: NA
​Cage Setup: NA

Status: Available Now!

Sex: Male
DOB: 10/16/2019
Color: Grey w/ Blaze
Price: $ 225.00
Pick up: NA
​Cage Setup: No

Status: Available Now!

Sex: Male
DOB: 11/5/2019
Color:  Brown
Price: $275.00
Pick up: NA
​Cage Setup: NA

Available Now!