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Hedgehog breeders in FL



One of Florida's leading hedgehog breeders. We're USDA Licensed!
As a USDA licensed breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs, located in central Florida. I breed for health and for good temperaments.

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We have hedgehog babies available now looking for their forever homes. :)

 I am a hedgehog breeder located in Bartow, Florida. We had our first litter of hedgehogs in December 2005. Itís been over 8 years and I still really enjoy having Hoglet babies. Each and every litter born here is amazing and filled with new excitement.
In my past hedgehog litters the colors I have had are Chocolate, Greys, Choc Whites, Snowflakes, Browns, Champagnes, Apricots,  Albinos and some lovely Pinto's. I get more dark colored hedgehogs than I do light. But you never really know what's going to pop up in a litter.

  To help ensure you get a healthy, loving hedgie, I go by the Hedgehogs Breeder Alliance Code of Ethics. I plan out every breeding and pair up hedgehogs that will produce healthy babies with great temperaments.

Hedgehog Babies will come with a great warranty. I start socializing my hoglet babies at an early age as long as mom doesn't get stressed.


Hedgehog breeders in Florida


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Please consider giving a rescue a home before buying from an unlicensed breeder.

~ We do NOT sell to pet shops or wholesale dealers~


Updates will be made often so keep checking in for new Information

You can e-mail me at: Hurricanehedgehogs@hotmail.com
Call me at: 863-618-5212

Hours of operation: 10am - 9pm 
Please do not call after hours unless you have an emergency



Hedgehog breeders in FL

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